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If you are looking for value and performance, Neighborhood Garage Door Service is the perfect answer as it carries a wide range of generic parts. We also stock a continually expanding inventory of garage door components from leading brands. We are in fact your prime go to source in Kenmore for garage door parts, hardware, weatherproofing materials, and other accessories for practically every type of available garage door.

Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are essential components in any garage door system. Because springs are vital to counter the heavy weight of the door when it is in operation, a damaged spring can instantly cause the door to become completely immobilized. Neighborhood Garage Door Service has a full range of garage door springs and spring parts on hand. This stock includes extension and torsion springs, and other types of hard to find springs for a wide variety of individualized door systems.

Our experts know which type of spring is best suited to your garage door system and how to best keep the springs in optimum working order. If you experience problem with any type of spring, even a nonstandard one, Neighborhood Garage Door Service provides effective and fast repair or replacement.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are attached to a metal rod that is placed above the garage door. They assist in the transference of the heavy weight of the door to the stabilizing rod. On each end of the bar is a cable spool. The cable works in conjunction with the spring as it winds and unwinds to operate the door.

A system using torsion springs is designed to deal with a heavy load. The system’s operational strength and life is dependent upon its spring length, and the size and inside diameter of the wire. Doors with one or two torsion springs are commonly found in garages attached to homes, while a greater number of torsion springs are necessary to safely operate a heavier industrial garage door.

Extension Springs

Extension springs work by being affixed to a garage system’s pulley installation or doorframe. They manage the door weight by stretching and contracting with the movement of the door. Because both torsion and extension springs operate under high pressure, they should never be touched by an untrained worker.

Spring Repair

Neighborhood Garage Door Service Kenmore, WA 425-748-7149Garage door springs are another garage door system component that can fail without warning. Springs are under immense pressure as they are designed to help manage the tremendous weight of a garage door. Some commercial garage door models can weigh more than a ton. When a garage door spring failure occurs, the door will suddenly crash to the ground – an extremely dangerous event. Therefore, it’s crucial to engage in regular maintenance of your garage door springs to ensure the safety of your family or employees. Here at Neighborhood Garage Door Service, one of our specialties is the maintaining and repairing of door springs so commit yourself to a regular garage door maintenance schedule with us.