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Each member of our team of expert installers is adept at fast installation of upgrades to your garage door system. These upgrades can encompass automatic detection and motorized systems. Another thing to consider is that most garage doors have some exposure to air because of the unavoidable gap between the frame of the door and the door itself. We can solve this problem by filling this gap with energy-efficient insulation.

A Special Process

Neighborhood Garage Door Service Kenmore, WA 425-748-7149If you decide that you need an individualized specialty garage door, the process of designing your door begins with an extensive consultation with you. Our primary objective is to gain a complete understanding of what you expect and need from your specialty garage door. Only after this initial consultation do we think about the options most suited to create the perfect garage door for you to enhance the overall appearance of your home or business. After you approve the project, we visit your site and take precise measurements. Our meticulous installation process means that our technician will go over the finished work to ensure that everything is in order - all panels are aligned, and everything is air tight. Our expert will also identify any future problems that may show up due to wear and tear and environmental factors. We want to ensure that all of our specialty garage doors installed in the Kenmore area will endure for many years to come.